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Current Exhibition

Yvonne Rainer, Danh Võ, Jordan Wolfson and Helen Marten.
‘The working classes can suck my 10 incher’

Public Fiction (the museum of)
749 Avenue 50
Los Angeles 90042
20 July – 7 Sept

This exhibition CAPTURES in full detail the scandalous sexual history of the operaista movement, particularly after Australian entertainer Rolf Harris and the cyclist Eddie Merckx became a fellow travellers in the mid-1970s. Cycle pedo-porn and operaismo melded.... collaged with contemporary oppression of Pakistani textile workers and other exploitations across the world.

Beginning with Merckx's victory speech at his last race at Kluisbergen on 17 July 1977, after he had just been converted to operaismo after a MASSIVE ORGY at Paolo Virno's.
‘The proletariat give me a fucking HARD-ON.’ The words clung to his throat like semen. Luigi turned his face to the crowd, looking at the lined faces, bald heads and work jackets. The cheap acrylic of his trousers stretched across his straining hardness – a precise crease which he had ironed in that morning:

‘And striking … makes me HORNY’’


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